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      Elements of the University Identity

      1. University Name
      2. University Abbreviation
      3. University Emblem
      4. University Motto
      5. University Logo
      6. University Anthem
      7. Examples of Incorrect Uses of the University Identity

      A. University Name

      • In Chinese: 澳 門 大 學
      • In English : University of Macau
      • In Portuguese: Universidade de Macau

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      B. University Abbreviation

      • In Chinese: 澳 大
      • In English : UM
      • In Portuguese: UM

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      C. University Emblem

      The emblem of the University of Macau (UM) features a five-towered crest encircled by golden rings and the name of the university in Chinese and Portuguese.
      The key on the book is the key to knowledge, and the waves represent the university in its island setting in the South China Sea.
      The bridge links together Eastern and Western cultures.
      On the ribbon is a Chinese motto listing the five virtues of an ideal scholar: humanity, integrity, propriety, wisdom and sincerity.
      The colours are red for hope, blue for the joy of well-being, and gold for the advancement of humanity.

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      D. University Motto
      Inscribed on the emblem is a Chinese motto listing the five virtues of an ideal scholar: humanity (仁), integrity (義), propriety (禮), wisdom (知), sincerity (信), which is also the motto of the UM.

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      E. University Logo

      The logo of the UM consists of two parts: the emblem and the university’s name in Chinese (澳門大學), Portuguese (Universidade de Macau) and English (University of Macau) with assigned colours.

      The colours of the emblem are red for hope, blue for the joy of well-being, and gold for the advancement of humanity. Macao has always been a bridge between Chinese and Western cultures. The use of three languages on the university logo signifies the important task of UM, as the most important local public university, to nurture multi-lingual graduates for Macao. To learn more about the meaning of the university emblem, please refer to the University Emblem section; and for rules about the use of the university logo, please refer to the Use of the University Logo and University Colour section.

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      F. University Anthem

      Powered By Cincopa

      Lyrics by: Dr. Daniel C.W.Tse
      Music by: Mrs. Margaret Tse Perron

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      Brief explanations of the lyrics:

      The opening line of the lyrics, “On Chinese soil where East meets West, UM grows young and strong”, recalls the history of UM. The university is rooted in Chinese culture, but has absorbed the essence of Eastern and Western cultures as it flourishes over the years.

      The second line, “On Taipa Hill or Hengqin Plain where beauty brightness shine”, describes the campus development. In the beginning the old campus was built upon a hill in Taipa, and now the new campus is in Hengqin. Whether on a hill or on a plain, whether old or new, the UM campus has been and will always be a serene, beautiful and intellectually-stimulating place where talented people gather together to nurture more talented people.The third line, “Ren, Yi, Li, Zhi, Xin, marks of College life”, includes the university motto and highlights the important role UM plays in students’ character development.

      The fourth line, “Arts and Sciences thrive in Learned Hall”, stresses UM’s equal emphasis on liberal arts and science disciplines, and conveys UM’s diligent pursuit of intellectual growth through exploration of new frontiers in all disciplines.

      The fifth line, “Feet firm on ground and eyes on high, our global vision clear”, portrays UM members’ down-to-earth attitude and their international perspectives.

      And the last line, “With hand on heart we proudly march, for Homeland and Mankind”, expresses UM members’ good wishes for UM as it embarks on a new journey as well as the state leaders’ high expectation for UM.

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      H. Examples of Incorrect Uses of the University Identity
      Below are some examples of incorrect uses of the university logo.


      Notes for Users of the University of Macau Logo:

      1. The university logo is the principal symbol of the university and may not be used for any commercial purposes.
      2. Use of the university logo is subject to certain rules, so please read the “University of Macau Logo Manual” before using the logo.
      3. The university logo may not be used for any illegal purposes, such as pornography, gambling, contraband, counterfeit or any other products or services which may infringe upon intellectual property rights.
      4. Inappropriate use of the university logo may subject the actor to legal consequences, and the University of Macau reserves the right to institute legal proceedings against the individual concerned.
      5. Should you have any enquiries about how to use the university logo, please email us at prs.event@um.edu.mo